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Mrs. Peace-Coard,

First of all I want to tell you how impressed we are with Teri's phlebotomy skills.  I feel she received a great background in her course which you taught and is very comfortable in her role as our Phlebotomist.  Good job!  Again, we are so glad that Teri has done such a fine job and I think she will be a great Phlebotomist.  She is learning so much and refining her skills every day.  

--Patricia Lichty MT (ASCP)

Lab Director, Duke Student Health

I have always been impressed with Angela's skill, rapport with patients, and work ethic even before I found out about her business. This impression was first from my interaction with her as the master phlebotomist at our Family Medicine practice for the past 5 years. I then learned she owned her business as a teacher and instructor of phlebotomy students, and I became even more impressed! How fitting for her to show others the way to care for patients, draw blood efficiently and effectively, and handle sensitive samples with ease. I've seen her teach her students in our clinic, and her teaching techniques are hands-on, which is the best way to learn the craft of dealing with patients. My patients ask for her by name, and many of them won't allow anyone else to draw their blood. She is a key asset to our practice, and we couldn't handle the types of patients we have without her.

--C.Nicole Swiner, MD

Durham Family Medicine

I want to give much appreciation to Triple A Phlebotomy in Durham, North Carolina.  I have had many educational experiences including the United States Coast Guard.  The instruction I received from this class, I must say, is a highlight, I am not soon to forget.  I encourage anyone wanting to get their foot in the door of the healthcare career field or anyone already in healthcare, looking to expand their knowledge, to attend Triple A Phlebotomy.  I am currently enrolled in a Respiratory Therapy School and wanted to do something to jumpstart my career.   

Yes, I had my worries that I might be taking on too much to add to my already hectic schedule of a full time student, full time mother, and being employed full time as well.  However, from the very get go, Angela, the founder and lead instructor offered me encouragement.  The first phone call to her let me know I could do this.  The desire and love for the phlebotomy field sounded in her voice and got me excited from the beginning. Once I started the course, Angela and her co-instructor, Debbie set forth to teach me, and ten others what we needed to know.  In the span of eight weeks, and only two nights a week, their instruction was EXCEPTIONAL.  They were ALWAYS there to answer questions and explain.  Their instruction of the information was not only based on "books" but of their "work in the field."  I gained so much from each and every class.  During the last night of class, I remember feeling rather sad that my time and my experience was coming to an end.  Yet, now I have passed the National Exam and I know I can go out into the workforce and SHINE!  

This school is definitely worth the time, money, and experience.  I wish I could go back and do it again. Trust me, I WOULD!  Take the step!  You will be making a step in the right direction.   


--Samantha Price

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