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Triple "a"



Why Triple "A"

Become a Certified Phlebotomist through our short-term educational classes! You will receive professional instruction in all aspects of phlebotomy, preparing you to pass the National Exam, get certified, and start your successful new career.


This short-term course is ideal for medical professionals, MAs, CNAs, EMTs.  And for those looking to begin a new career in health care, the phlebotomy industry is steadily growing. Our goal is to ensure your career advances with the highest level of knowledge and skill. The possibilities are limitless in North Carolina. With a growing population, there is a greater demand for people who have a phlebotomy certification. North Carolina has a high concentration of world class medical facilities, all requiring the expertise of a certified phlebotomist.


A quick search online reveals a number of phlebotomist jobs in North Carolina. The highest concentration of phlebotomist Jobs in North Carolina are concentrated in metropolitan areas like Charlotte, Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill.


Triple A Phlebotomy has been in business for 10 years.


The staff here has over 50 years of experience.


We have classroom settings of 10 to 1 ratio.


Clinicals are set up by the instructor.


Our mission is to teach and offer a great career choice at an affordable price.


We dedicate our time to assure each student obtain the knowledge and confidence that’s needed to be an asset in the healthcare field.

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